Introduction to work placement

From the start I knew I was most interested in gaining experience in the journalism field. I have had a small amount of experience in writing for my local paper North Belfast News and Belfast arts paper the Vacuum, but this was a few years ago and I was very keen on writing something more music-based that would also suit my WBL module. I began looking through many of the local Liverpool music magazines, such as the Skinny and Bido Lito. Many of the magazines seemed a little too ‘indie’ for my tastes, but I was still happy to get experience of any kind in which I got to write. I had a contact who used to work for Bido Lito, and around Christmas he put me in touch with Sam, who said that he had a feeling they might be looking for new writers and put me in touch with their editor, Chris.

Chris was very cooperative and quite humorously asked me for my desert island discs and also some examples of writing I’d done. I sent him one of my old North Belfast News pieces (which was a political piece), and for a bit more relevance also included an essay I’d done on a Jackson Browne gig I’d attended. I began to worry that these pieces weren’t relevant enough, and he did not reply to me in as quick a fashion as he originally had (undoubtedly because he’s a very busy man being the editor of a prominent magazine!) I soon noticed a friend of mine posting lots of articles online with a media company called square eyed TV, and in order to give myself more experience writing in general and also to have some good examples of writing to give potential employers, I asked him could I perhaps write a piece. He was very happy to help and knew that I had a history writing, and soon got in touch with his boss who also gave it the OK.

My first piece was a review on the film Silver Linings Playbook, which was published in late February. I also have a great interest in film review, so was very happy to do something on this especially on a film I so enjoyed. I explained to Matt about my work placement, and how I’d like to be writing things relating to music as well as film and TV, so he essentially agreed to let me write the main pieces on music television. My first official music related piece was on a Joy Division documentary, which I published on 1st March and can be read here-


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