Working for Square eyed TV

Matt was soon impressed by my knowledge of music and natural knack and interest of writing about it. For this reason he said that he’d give me most of the notable music documentaries to write about, and I was very excited about this because it meant I could write about what I love and also have something to show potential employers in the future. I sent a copy of the Joy Division review through to Chris, who assured me he’d read everything I’d sent him and liked it, but just hadn’t had the time to respond to me. He said that Bido Lito weren’t looking for any writers yet, but that they may be in a few weeks and that he would surely send me the listings if he wanted me to review any live gigs. At this point I was very happy with the work I was doing with Square Eyed TV, and was just happy that he’d at least enjoyed my writing and had me down as a potential writer in the future.

My next piece I felt a very personal attachment in writing, as I had in fact been cast as an extra for it. It was a review on the music film Good Vibrations, which was published 9th March and can be seen here-

Matt said to me that for this one occasion he didn’t mind me speaking in the 1st person, as I had actually been involved in it, but that he wanted to avoid me speaking in the 1st person generally in these reviews as it is unprofessional. I learned this and several other editing tricks from Matt who has become a very perceptive editor and gives me very constructive criticism almost every time I submit a piece that helps build my skills. It soon became apparent that they’d like me as a long-term contributor, because they asked me to submit a short bio and picture of myself to give the writers more profile. This made me feel much more official and part of the process, and I was keen to contribute as much as possible to this quickly developing company that has racked up more than 1,000 facebook likes in just a few months. I have become one of a small group of writers, and like being part of it as it develops and seeing how it takes off.


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