One advantage of all this is that I finally have evidence of my writing, I finally have something I can show potential (salaried) employers and since Square Eyed TV is a website, it means that my pieces could be read by more or less anyone. I am going to continually send these pieces to potential employers and see if my writing suits them, I recently sent some of my pieces to an ex student of John Moores who works for Lowdown Magazine, and she has said that she will send me out the listings for their next bunch of shows and see which I’d be interested in writing. The same was also said by Chris from Bido Lito, so I will hopefully have the opportunity to review some live shows and learn how to review that particular aspect of music. I am interested in writing in all forms, which is why I was very happy to focus on music television in particular. I want to feel just as comfortable doing this as I would reviewing a play, a gig, or even a political debate. It isn’t good to limit yourself, so I feel that I will enthusiastically accept any writing assignments I receive regardless of whether they are based around my fundamental interests of music and film. I will however continue writing for Square Eyed TV for as long as possible, as I feel I get a lot out of it and have also built a healthy, communicative relationship with the staff. The boss Terry has expressed to Matt how happy he is with my pieces, and apart from the minor bit of constructive criticism he has been very complimentary and has encouraged me greatly.

As well as improving my writing and ICT skills, I think my communication, sense of commitment, teamwork and focus has all been improved immensely. It has also made me learn to work to a deadline, and I haven’t missed one and intend to keep it this way in order to remain my healthy relationship with the team. Although it wasn’t the most conventional kind of placement, I was still very dedicated, had frequent communication with my employer and put a lot of hours into it (each programme was roughly an hour and I put approximately 3-4 hours work into writing each review). This whole ongoing experience has inspired me greatly and I hope it can lead to other things. It is important for me to keep a keen eye and try and seize opportunities as I see them, in order to get my name out there and try and make myself stand out amongst numerous other journalists competing for similar opportunities.


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