Continuing my reviews

My next piece was a political piece about the Mexican drug war, but the following three pieces were focused on music and really helped me hone my skills and learn to be a more concise, clear writer. With each piece I felt I learnt something, especially through the constructive criticism and edits I received back from Matt, and I learned specifically what it is that seperates journalistic and academic writing (as over the years I have got more used to an academic style of writing). On 16th March my piece on a documentary about Irish Rock was published ( and by this point I was learning to be more critical in my reviews. I feel that up until this point I had dished out too much praise, and it was here that I started to really learn how to look at works objectively, and write fair assessments of them. It was my honest opinion that this documentary was an ‘Interesting but incomplete’ account of Irish rock, which is why I expressed this opinion and titled the piece that. Matt had been providing the titles for some of my pieces, but I now took it into my own hands to come up with titles of my own, which i feel was an important development.

My next piece brought me out of my comfort zone a little, as it was on a music compilation show rather than a documentary. My understanding and passion of music however meant that I got the hang of it quite quickly and discussed my own opinions on this collection of performances. I was also critical as in my previous article, and criticised some of the low-grade material included. Matt had previously told me to keep my pieces in the 300-700 word count range, and very often they have been closer to 300 than 700, so this time I tried to write something more concise, especially seeing as it was on a show that contained purely music and subsequently spoke for itself. This piece ended up being around 350 words, and an important lesson taught here was learning how to compromise and heed to an employers desires. It is clear that Square Eyed TV like their pieces to be informative and concise, so I tried here to make it so and will hopefully continue this pattern in subsequent articles, although it is something I struggle with. This piece was published on 23rd March:


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